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Bathing Systems

Avero Motion Tub

This height adjustable tub with its sleek and elegant design is wheelchair and lift accessible. It has a small footprint yet spacious interior, which is great for larger people. Large side door, low step in, molded interior seat, hand grips and large footwell makes self entry safe and easy. Our customers love this tub. No wonder it is our bestseller.


  • Air Jets

  • Disinfecting System

  • Aromatherapy

  • Colored Light therapy

  • Sound System

Avero Premium Plus Tub

The Premium Plus is a height adjustable tub, operated by a keypad, that can be raised and lowered to the best height for the care giver. This tub provides easy access to 3 sides of the tub. Use it with or without lifts. The ergonomic interior with its molded seat, slanted foot area, large shoulder area makes bathing safe and comfortable.


  • Tub shortener

  • Air jets

  • Disinfecting system

  • Sound System

  • Aromatherapy

Matira Bath with Seat System

This compact, height adjustable tub is designed specifically for use in a private or group home. By
incorporating a powered seat system, this tub allows for an assisted transfer into the bath without the need
for an additional lift. With a small footprint and a large interior, this tub will fit in the standard size of a home
tub. The integrated chair is removable for general family use. The detachable chair will ease the transfer from
the bathroom to the bedroom.


  • Air Spa

  • Color Light Therapy

  • Commode Chair

  • Sound System

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