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Changing Tables

The Invincible Changing Table

The Invincible is a wall mounted, electric height adjustable changing table for adults and children with special needs. It is specially designed to be vandal proof for high usage in public restrooms.

  • Tamperproof up/down buttons are integrated into the frame, no hand controls to be misplaced

  • Cut resistant stretcher, 75" x 31.5", is flexible and comfortable

  • No removable parts, cables, or hardware

  • Wall mounted table is height adjustable from 11.8" to 41"

  • Split front safety guard allows for easy access and care, 1 guard can be down for care, while the other can be up for safety

  • 120 V 

  • Total Product dimensions: 75 1/4"  x  39 1/16"( stretcher and guard deployed) x 59 7/8"
    Stretcher size: 75 1/4"  x 31.5"
    Weight capacity:  500 lbs

CTX Changing Table

The CTX,  an electric height-adjustable, wall-mounted table, is intended for showering and changing children and adults with special needs. 


  • The height of the bed adjusts from a low of 11" to 41" via a handset. The handset also controls the lighting.

  • Comes with a front safety guard, a molded polyurethane padded bed with drain holes, and an integrated water collection tray and drain hose. Also included is the strip lighting that creates a calm ambiance.

  • 440 lb weight capacity. 120 V

  • Emergency stop button, battery backup

  • Optional Wall cushions, padded bumper pads, and removable mattresses available

Stretcher sizes: 59"  or 71" Length and 27 13/16" Width

Total Product dimensions: 71" x 35 15/16" (stretcher and front guard deployed) x 61" H 


Nivano CTE2 Changing Table

The electric Nivano CTE2 changing table, our bestseller for years, is a reliable and easy to use table for schools and homes for changing adults and children with special needs. 

  • Includes front safety guard

  • Adjusts from 11.8" to 35" to a comfortable working height via a handset

  • The platform can be folded up when not in use and held in place with twin gas struts

  • Part stainless steel construction suitable for shower areas

  • Durable stretcher material is comfortable and easy to clean

  • Removable mattress and bumper pads are options available

  • Weight capacity 485 lbs for 71" adult size and 330 lbs. for 59" child size

  • 110 V

CTM3 Changing Table

The CTM3 is the least expensive height adjustable, wall mounted table on the market.

  • Rustproof stainless steel frame with durable vinyl stretcher, 59" or 71", comes with safety railing

  • Manual height adjustable from 31" to 43" 

  • Great for home or school where there is a mobile or ceiling lift 

  • Weight capacity 330lbs

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