Changing Tables

The Invincible Changing Table

The Invincible is a wall mounted, electric height adjustable changing table for adults and children with special needs. It is specially designed to be vandal proof for use in public restrooms.

Tamperproof up/down buttons embedded in the wall unit and stretcher. Highly cut resistant stretcher. No exposed cables, no removable parts. Designed for high usage in public setting. 71” stretcher, 441 lbs. weight capacity, 120 volt.

CTX Changing Table

The CTX is a wall mounted, electric height adjustable changing table for adults and children with special needs. This table comes with many features: molded padded bed, water collection tray and drain hose, color changing LED strip lighting, front safety guard, and tilted headrest- 2 in the adult size and 1 in the child size


Electric height adjustable from 6” to 35” via handset operation. Part stainless steel construction ideal for shower areas. 440 lbs weight capacity. 110 Volt. Stretcher size - length 71” Adult and 59” Child with a 27.5” Width


  • Safety Side rails

  • Padding for back panel

  • Bumper pads for front railing

  • Removable mattress

Nivano CTE2 Changing Table

The CTE2 is a wall mounted, electric height adjustable table, adjusts from 11.8” to 35.4” via a hand control. The user can be gently lifted to a safe working height for changing or showering. The table folds up neatly against the wall when not in use to save space. Stretcher size- length 71” Adult and 59” Child with a 27.5” Width. Weight capacity: 485 lbs. Adult and 330 lbs Child size, Front Safety railing 110 Volts included.


  • Removable mattress

  • Bumper pad

  • Anti splash skirt

  • Custom sizes available from 39" to 74.8" length

  • Tilting head/backrest - Adult size

CTM3 Changing Table

Manual height adjustable, wall mounted changing table, comes with safety guard, rustproof stainless steel frame and durable non-rip high tension vinyl stretcher. Height adjusts form 31” to 43” so the stretcher can be set at  the most comfortable height for the care giver. This is ideal for a room where electricity is not available. And at almost half the cost of the electric version, the CTM3 is budget friendly. It is also a space saver, since it only protrudes 7” when folded up, and not in use.


  • Bumper pad for safety railing

  • Anti splash skirt

  • Removable mattress

Fixed Height Adult Changing Table

Constructed of Stainless steel, this wall mounted table is at a fixed height and can be folded up
out of the way when not in use. Available in 65” Length with a 400 lbs weight capacity, the
Fixed height table comes in a surface mount or recessed mount model. Easy to maintain and
clean. Budget friendly.

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